FuseMachines Nepal Job Vacancy 2021 (fusemachines.com)

Recently the FuseMachines Nepal published a new job vacancy notification for the posts of Consultants and Researcher. Interested Nepalese Job Seekers must apply before Check Official Notification.

We, at Fusemachines, seek to make AI accessible to all the underserved communities around the world, be it in townships of Capetown, rural areas of Nepal or inner cities of New York. We believe providing quality AI education, enabling access to AI technology and creating AI jobs have the ability to transform lives in these communities now and for the future.

Name of the Organization FuseMachines Nepal
Total Vacancy N/A
Application Started 4th January 2021
Application Deadline Please Check Advt.
Job Location Kathmandu, Nepal

FuseMachines Nepal Job Vacancy 2021 (fusemachines.com)

  • Name Of Post – Senior DevOps Engineer) – Number Of Vacancies = N/A
  • Name Of Post – DevOps Engineer – Number Of Vacancies = N/A

Eligibility Details

Senior DevOps Engineer Post

Qualification & Experience :

  • Must have a full-time Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar.
  • At least 3-4 years of working experience in the related field.

Required Skills:

  • Good understanding of at least one programming language like Python.
  • Good understanding of different package/dependency managers like Gradle, Maven, NPM.
  • Good knowledge of AWS and its core services S3, SES, Queuing services, Container Services, Load Balancing, Data Warehousing, and data pipeline services
  • Good understanding of configuring, monitoring, maintaining, and debugging different types of load balancers. Should be able to select the type of load balancer based on the requirement and the technologies used. Knowledgeable of scaling infrastructure and the components. Minimize downtime in scaling infrastructure. A good grasp on the key scaling components like SQS, Kinesis, etc.
  • Robust understanding of production application delivery pipelines, tools and technologies, and use cases. Tools include but not limited to Jenkins, Circle CI, AWS Code Build, AWS Code Deploy, AWS CodePipeline. Should be able to configure and maintain multi-branch pipelines in Jenkins.
  • Good grasp in operating, deploying and maintaining a multi-region production system for In-house products and our customers. Good understanding of on-premise infrastructure and provide alternative solutions to cloud services
  • Good grasp of vendor-neutral automation and configuration management tools like Terraform, Ansible. Familiarity with writing automated production automation code for multiple services.
  • Hands-on experience in setting up monitoring, logging, and tracing tools like Datadog, Sumo Logic, AWS Cloudwatch, and Container Insights. Create dashboards and alerts based on KPI and any critical production components.
  • Robust understanding of common security best practices, AWS security best practices. Good understanding of implementing AWS security and governance tools like AWS Cloud Trail, AWS Guard Duty, AWS Shield, AWS Certificate Manager
  • Good grasp in using common cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes
  • Good understanding of Different SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Familiarity with query and performance tuning and profiling. Good understanding of deployment replica sets and use cases.
  • Good understanding of when and how to conduct any incident response cycle, conduct blameless post mortems. Familiarity with generating post mortem repost and communicating them with cross-functional teams

DevOps Engineer Post

Qualification & Experience :

  • Must have a full-time Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar.
  • At least 2-3 years of working experience in the related field.

Required skills:

  • Good understanding in at least one of the programming/scripting languages, like Python, Bash.
  • Good understanding of and hands-on experience with AWS and its cloud services like VPC, Subnetting, the concept of Load balancers, RDS, basic routing in Route53, object storage, and server management.
  • Good understanding and Hands-on experience in configuring load balancers and elastic beanstalk environments based on monitoring metrics, suggest and configure scalable infrastructure based on project and product requirements.
  • Good knowledge in configuring CI/CD pipelines in a given framework and/or should be able to learn and set up CI/CD pipelines as per the requirement of the project.
  • Good knowledge of monitoring and different types of monitoring tools. Hands-on experience with tools like Datadog, CloudWatch, Prometheus, SumoLogic, or NewRelic. Should be able to set up and integrate such tools with the infrastructure and evaluate the alerts and logs as per requirement.
  • Good knowledge about project and software development lifecycle. Should be able to communicate with developers and project members to fulfill their infrastructural needs as per project requirements.
  • Proficient knowledge and working experience on various security vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate them. Should be able to research thoroughly and implement necessary patches to minimize & mitigate security loopholes as and when required.
  • Robust understanding in deploying Docker containers, work with existing and custom containers. Should be able to spawn EKS clusters using AWS EKS and communicate with developers to orchestrate project-specific needs.
  • Should have proficient knowledge and working experience with staging and production databases, different ways to secure the DB from the possible breach, and work with developers to deliver project-specific needs. Should have hands-on experience with the database commands and setup procedure of MySQL, MongoDB, and RDS instances in the cloud.
  • Should have a good grasp of Incident Management Lifecycle.

Important Dates

  • Start Date Application – 4th January 2021
  • Last Date Application – Please Check Official Notification

Helpline Number

Aarya Tara Business Tower, Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Pn. Number = +977-1-4168530, 4168744

Official Website: fusemachines.com


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